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On seeing 'The Matrix Resurrections' (2022) (movie review)

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It is not The Matrix. It is not as unique, surprising, challenging (for blockbuster Hollywood movie). It is good resolution after the disappointing sequels. And though there is some aspect of fan service, it is good to see Neo and Trinity again and their relationship is still potent. It is supremely visual so it does not matter I could not hear it all, though there are some long dialog/monolog passages I missed and if there had not been few callbacks/repetitions of previous scenes in the first movies I would have been more lost.

Neo and Trinity look older of course but not as much as I do. Agent Smith has been replaced by young version. The Analyst is smarmy version of the Architect. The violence is extreme and possibly overdone but the combat seems choppy and not as balletic. Does seem longer but that is mostly my impatience at not hearing explanations. Overall good way to spend Tuesday afternoon...

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