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On watching Buffalo Bills versus Kansas City Chiefs

wow. again. proof that two minutes of NFL football can seem like forever. had to keep reminding myself 'it is only football...', but I enjoyed it greatly, more than physical arts such as dance, ballet, mime- where you know how the story ends. this is the essential aspect of sports. the possibilities, the reversals, the triumphs, the heartbreak...

I know one woman artist friend who claimed she needed to feel some way for the art to work, that sport did not do that for her. I maintain that you have to care for one way or the other, as I came to throughout the game when I start ambivalent, you have to emotionally 'invest' to get the full charge, and the key is... ultimately it does not make claims of meaning. you the spectator retain ultimate control, however much you cede it, of emotional states, you are playing at caring much as they are playing the game...

and to experiment on this line of thought, I watched several sports events, some already aware of who I cheered for beforehand, some I only entered and often remained ambivalent. I tried to be aware of my emotional states, I tried to follow the ups and downs, I tried to see if there were impressed narratives or whether I created them as I watched, that swayed me to care this way or that. I tried to enter fully, not repeating that 'it is only...' too often...

and so I had a good day watching sports, when three of four games went the way I hoped, and I can certainly see how sports can be addictive- I do not watch TV but for sports- though I know how they end now, so will not likely watch ever again...

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