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The Gods, the Little Guys, and the Police (book review) Humberto Costantini

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

200704: vision of argentina in 1975, the height of the ‘dirty war’, from three perspectives. the gods are from classical mythology, the little guys are an apolitical poetry circle, the police are the ‘security’ apparatus of military dictatorship. it is swift, entertaining, comic, satirical. written in pomo manner, each chapter alternating from the prose poetry of classical gods watching down, helpless, certain that hades will have his due, to the poetry circle defined by timid courtship in narrative form, completely unaware of impending doom, to the police as represented by memos, dialogue, which captures the absurdity of political paranoia...

it is not necessary to know your classics, only that athena in her wisdom conflicts with aphrodite in her sensuality, that hermes the messenger also seduces the surprising heroine, that the gods can manifest in human form, that each has magical affects, that hades is pathetic impotent, that the course of time is foretold. this all happens in one night, with flashbacks, and it is clear how the story will end- but tension holds the reader, resolution surprises, and for just a moment it seems good will triumph. but the operation is only ‘on hold- for now...’...

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