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The Book Tour (book review) Andi Watson

210522: eerie, excellent, exasperating. never been on book tour but this seems to capture its strange nature, in everything from just following a stranger's orders because he talks of your 'itinerary', to having nobody who wants you to sign your book, to your elusive publisher, to being mistaken for murderer (!). this is graphic kafkaesque: easy to read, easy to imagine. fun, fast, the art is great 'retro', the dialog sketched in comic misunderstandings and omissions. and you really cannot imagine a better name for the protagonist...

the city is vaguely continental european, resembling paris mostly, and the streets are cobbled, carless, buildings looming steeply, and the various bookstores visited are local and not big box. the city seems attractive until you learn what is happening and see how fretwell is mistreated. there is something effective in the open, gentle line which characterises both buildings, books and people. facial features are alluded to, not fully closed, though individuals are recognisable, for this is not herge-style 'ligne claire' but reminds me of certain new yorker cartoons...

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