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Bonjour Tristesse (book review) Francoise Sagan

281218: so this is the way i like to imagine france. and young/wise french girls. not very ‘real’ portrayal, but then this is probably more read astutely catching the times, the way some fraction of french society imagine. short, sharp, wistful, wise... reading this in French 080719 [book:Bonjour tristesse|31688984] ...

??? 2000s first review: i can definitely read her as an existentialist darling of the left bank in paris, with this slim, ideal, perceptive romance as bittersweet and beautiful. maybe nobody lived then or lives now that sort of playful, french ideal... but this is something to read whenever you read sartre and think existentialism is all dark glasses, black clothes, coughing over cigarettes and sipping espresso...

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