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Descender, Vol. 1: Tin Stars (book review) Jeff Lemire (Writer) Dustin Nguyen (Artist)

(Descender #1)

Steve Wands (Goodreads Author) (Letterer)

081219: i decide to revisit this series. i am still impressed with how concise the story is, less that it is very unique, but i would not like it much as say a cable series- the art is key. so i look for art in particular. in vol. 1 memory sequences are monotone sepia, each locale has its palette eg blue, brown. in vol. 4 there is great wordless 10 pages montage of love/sex scene with tim21 escaping with quon and captain telsa escaping. in vol. 6 is great romantic last-kiss-in-space scene. there are allusions throughout series to say astro boy's boots, megarobots from japanese work... clean lines, shapes, wash and watercolor with minimal dialog balloons, this is art i like in graphics...

031219: i can certainly see this as new favorite graphic, partly because of concise story, mostly because of artwork. pen and ink, watercolor, this has just the right allusive, abstract, sequential quality that does not distract. story, universe, characters, are familiar space opera. interwoven narratives, of robot rebooting him (it) self, present action, past setup of robot attacks, all in few pages each. but it is the art that encourages me to read next volume...

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