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Thinking Through French Philosophy (book review) Leonard Lawlor

The Being of the Question

180514: later addition. suggest you read appendix 2 before the last several chapters, if not read before. 'reversing platonism' by Deleuze, includes some indications of how the text changed before end result.

this book is fascinating and frustrating. lawlor writes well, and the early part refers to much merleau-ponty, husserl, way of thinking phenomenologically, but there is a sense of assumptions that the reader will be familiar with the works he cites. this becomes a problem as he traces the development of post-modern thought, through Derrida, Deleuze, Foucault, hence a certain frustration. these works are unknown to me. need to read some of these authors, any suggestions? maybe even should read Bergson again... there are great moments, such as when he clarifies deconstruction and destruction, offers bases for both phenomenology and structuralism, but read this intermittently this past month or so. have forgotten some arguments. m-p is important, is relevantly questioned, extended, compared and contrasted with Heidegger. have finished the main text, now reading the appendices...

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