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The Warmth of Other Suns (book review) Isabel Wilkerson

The Epic Story of America's Great Migration

300316: this is a history of which i should know, a history all should know, particularly Americans of this shiny new century who think the past is past and we should all just concentrate on building walls, on making money, on becoming somehow great how we were- this is a history of not so long ago, of parents and grandparents, of racism, of hypocritical society, of murdering the spirit through the body, if not the body as well. the injustice, the segregation, of time not so long ago, as related in the parallel biographies of three internal migrants from the Jim crow south, i have read this in short sections, over some time, and each time i am pulled into this artless and direct chronicle, each time this works for me... an excellent, often forgotten or dismissed, picture of real people, real lives, real courage, of the great migration that has affected all of us in so many ways... beautiful work...

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