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The Vimalakirti Sutra (book review') Vimalakirti

Burton Watson(Translator)

130219: five. english translation of chinese translation of sanskrit original. one of the easiest sutras i have read. watson has translated all the names. basic knowledge of buddhism is all you need, repetitive aspects of oral teachings abbreviated, i can certainly see why this is popular. central figure, discoursing on buddhism, on four noble truths, impermanence, emptiness, all within mahayana interpretations, is wealthy lay person, demonstrating enlightenment is possible for everyone... comforting, direct, simple, i do not know how much either the chinese or the english translations are agreed...

this is an example of not the (lost?) original as baseline truth but the elaborations of subsequent work, particularly leading through chinese, of which this is fourth of six translations since origin, that are text truths. and that it is easy to read, is not reason to think simple. quick, fun, insightful, inspiring, this is definitely five... there are so many books to read and so little time...

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