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The Only Good Indians (book review) Stephen Graham Jones

211223: might have enjoyed [book:My Heart Is a Chainsaw|55711617] more, as this is 'supernatural/misunderstanding' from first page, rather than leading up to it. middle sections more misunderstanding, misperception, madness, but leads to pacy resolution which somehow reminds me of sports novels read like [book:Dashing Diamond Dick and Other Classic Dime Novels|1991984] or those manga [book:Ping Pong Omnibus, Vol. 1|52758067], [book:Ping Pong Omnibus, Vol. 2|50891187] which i really enjoyed. this i just liked...

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Perdido Street Station (book review) China Miéville

(New Crobuzon, #1) 210612: the length of this book intimidated me. i have not read it for twenty years because of this. now, after reading [book:The City & the City|4703581] and [book:Embassytown|9265

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(New Crobuzon, #2) 210712: actually maybe less than five- but i did read it in three sittings. seems to be quibbling to say i never liked our central protagonist(s) when there are fantastic images lik


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