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The Celebration (book review) Ivan Ângelo

270119 from 80s: this is the first brazilian book i read that is not amado such as [book:Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands|1644612]. as other reviewers are accurate in describing the novel structure (see Troy), all i can add is how strongly i enjoyed this book, though some of that might just be sentimental. i read this about the stage i first got interested in ‘literature’, in postmodern work, about the age others might read something like joyce, other modernists, though the others i had read at this time were robbe-grillet [book:Jealousy & In the Labyrinth|55480] and mishima [book:Spring Snow|62793]... brazil as a place fascinates me. the way all the information is laid out for the reader, who must write the story herself, with minimal authorial aid- for me this is guarantee of intimate relationship to the text, powerful emotions resonate without being didactic or moralistic, seeming to emerge from the various sources spontaneously..

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