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The Bergsonian Philosophy of Intelligence (review) María del Carmen Sánchez Rey

D. Ohmans(Translator)

150519: have now read 591 philosophy, 54 bergson. remain enthralled by his concepts, in fact apply the ideas of ‘duration’ and ‘multiplicity’ all the time. am now, among other projects, trying to read bergson’s work in original french... (later decision: transitions are fine...)

271018: this is not a book but an internet resource i somehow found, so no pages but i do not imagine it is more than thirty thousand words. this is a five. if you are interested in philosophy, if you read philosophy, if you do not mind translation on translation, if you really love the ways explored by bergson. so maybe it is a five just for me...

this is an explication of the entirety of bergson’s thought, from his first work (in english translation known as ‘time and free will’) through his major second work (‘matter and memory’) to his final masterpiece (‘creative evolution’). she works from either original texts or Spanish translations, she knows about ninety years since philosophy as she writes in 2014, she is lucid, she is critical, she recounts the background of his ‘philosophy of intelligence’ in great depth, touching on all his major themes and how they lead his thought: quantity and quality, space and time, intellect and intuition, knowing from outside, feeling from within, and so on... she focuses on the evolutionary rise of intelligence and how it is ‘cut from the same cloth’ as instinct, how neither ultimately leads to complete human living in the world. she shows that bergson believes in close sensory perception first, though in some other philosophies (of course not his...) this sometimes leads to confused intellectual conceptions, in dualism, in dogma... and how, for example, kant has the wrong way round a priori and possibilities of knowledge... (the wrong order, but i do not fully understand)...

i am not a philosopher of any particular sort though i have read mostly continental, some indic, some japanese, some chinese, and so my interests drift according to curiosity. i once read ‘bergsonism’ by deleuze but did not get it. i read other philosophy. i came back through mereau-ponty, reread it, read more bersgon and deleuze and now several years later i will read ‘virtually’ anything by or on bergson. he has become great resource, i can see his ideas everywhere acknowledged or not, maybe interpret him in japanese philosophy etc. i love bergson’s thoughts. i am pleased to read much more contemporary work on his ideas. i like his valorization of intuition and sense of time and memory and matter and spirit...

i cannot pretend to intellectually understand or intuitively perceive all bergson’s thoughts, but as more artist than professional philosopher, this lack is more inspiring than frustrating. i have read much philosophy (570), much bergson (52), but i do not argue, i do not claim, i do not promote, i simply enjoy entertaining these thoughts... i really enjoyed this virtual text...

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