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Swamp Thing: Protector of the Green (book review) Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette (Illustrations)

(Swamp Thing (2011) #1-2)

120519: rec from riley. superhero comics... or maybe just ‘weird’ comics? ‘horror’ comics? not something i know well, i do not know if it is five, but i like the underlying green philosophy, nonlinear narrative, apocalyptic plot. and the art is often fantastic. here i see the difference from visual art as individual spectacle, no matter how many images, and visual art dedicated to narrative, to conveying something story, convincing time, compelling action however the art is necessarily immobile. i know only little of swamp thing, maybe it repeats over and over, comics tend to, but the metaphysical portrait of world divided into forces of green (plants) and red (animals) and rot (death) is... great. images tell the story. great psychedelic page layouts, to the extent i know psychedelics (not much...), vivid oppositions impossible in other media, quick read, fast read, story with nothing else to distract, i can see the pleasure in this short sharp shock...

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