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Square Eyes (book review) Anna Mill, Luke Jones

070419: riley found this on his trip to france though i guess we are supposed to find it on the internet. graphics stores did not have it. i had read very positive review in guardian months ago, was ready for disappointment, and first thing r said was it’s not that good, he didn’t like it. he gave it to me, added, but you’ll like it... r knows me well. i loved it. new favoritegraphic. also characterizes exactly our differences in art/graphics and lit/story... this is not action, not character, not given easily. the reader/looker must participate in construction of work. this is great. for me...

great, detailed, layered images. this is graphics at its best: words, dialog, snippets, do not interfere but collaborate to form the work. plot is maybe familiar scientific breakthrough vs corporate malfeasance etc. but how the story is told is appropriately postmodern and self-referring. works. city of the future only slight extrapolation from current urban experience, but in layerings of graphic interface, constant immersion in computer reality until you do not know do not exist unless your clothes are online... this is sf satire simple, visual, obvious, credible... then again, i really like representation through lines and colors are washes...

so, not for everyone. dense, difficult, literate and maybe too static. but images to look at over and over...

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