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Signs (book review) Maurice Merleau-Ponty,

Richard C. McCleary (Translator)

101111: do not know if i should rate this so highly, but i like everything by m-p. this is a collection of pieces, some essays, some short views, some very good and some less good. there is 'the philosopher and his shadow' that makes up for some others. technical philosophical essays are good but others about communism or madagascar or algiers or other events of the time are now dated and hard to judge. interesting to read someone writing in those times just post ww2, writing about marxism while it was becoming rigid, totalitarian, buried in contingency, in politics, in war and recovery, in Russia. whether the russian revolution was irredeemable failure, what is the correct position when fighting reactionary movements etc. it is interesting to try and think of political attitudes without distorted practice or disabling cynicism...

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