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On looking at Simone Elizabeth Saunder's work at Calgary Contemporary Art Gallery

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I do not know Simone, have never before seen her work, know no history of it, all I can say is that her work is powerful, vibrant, large paintings that seem to have African themes. There is one with an Egyptian priestess, there is one before multiplying mandala, but unfortunately I do not remember all their names only Black Magic, Black Love, and look like neon on black or blacklight paintings. Very 70s.

When I was kid in those years there was this psychedelic do-it-yourself artwork called I think 'doodle art', where you are given this poster with black lines describing , say, aquatic life of all sorts, and you could fill in the white spaces with various felt pens. My aunt the artist was dismayed I was spending my time just 'colouring', rather than practicing gestural drawing, but I loved to create the colourful images. That is what I was thinking of looking at Simone's work...

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