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My Heart Is a Chainsaw (book review) Stephen Graham Jones

2111218: read in two days, so that is rec. not quite taken as my comics illustrator friend r, but propulsive, pulpy, pomo. and no doubt works best if you have see a lot of 'slasher' horror. it is long, requires some patience, is sort of lit equivalent to 'scream' movies. i do not watch much horror. what is read tend more to the lit end. narrator is 'outsider' and typical 'Cassandra' who warns everyone but in nature of plot no one believes her. some violence, some gore. but i find much more disturbing [book:American Psycho|28676] and [book:Glamorama|9913] for literary work. and then the true horror is what humans en masse can do to other humans, as in genocide etc...

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