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Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology (book review) Kirk M. Besmer

The Problem of Ideal Objects

241111: this is a new favorite that probably only works if you have read some merleau-ponty and on m-p. this is not introductory, certainly not where to begin. that said: i love this work. the evolution of ideal objects moves from husserl, from doubts whether natural language could conceptualize phenomenological, pre-predicative, primordial experience and ideas, to a greater understanding of the inter-world similar to liebenswelt, to recognition of role of the body and gesture in communication, to description of how language forms itself, from founding/founded to institution, how new expression is possible, how thoughts of genesis of language extends from intra to inter, from phenomenology to social, historical sediment and shared world and being essence… yes, there is a lot to read and think of here...

so i like m-p. do i understand him? well i am eagerly heading in that direction. this is a great step particularly because it shows path from early m-p to late m-p, from phenomenology of perception to the visible and the invisible- what he was working on when he died- through his, apparently little examined, middle period. i might actually try the visible and the invisible. at least, i might read this again...

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