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Merleau-Ponty (book review) Ted Toadvine (Editor), Toadvine

Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers (volume II)

290813: this is Volume 2:

as a usual collection there is usually some very good, some not as good, but almost all are good in another great selection of essays, some recent, almost all translated thus some never before read...

there is part 3 in this volume 2, referring to perception and ontology, that interrogate that original style of m-p, an essay helpful to understand exactly what 'style' means in philosophy, that original concern, and how it infuses all his thought. perception is ontology, and having read much of these, there is some that seem prospectus of his later work, such as MC Dillon's work, some that refer to Heidegger, which is difficult and somewhat disheartening but only because this contends m-p is overcome, then some Deleuze eg. Lawlor, which encourages me to try him again, more explication of how it fits with time eg. Sallis...

part 4 in this volume 2, is perhaps closest to me because it refers to expression, art, and language. there is m-p as thinker on painting in total, how exact, how mistaken, he is- but always that he does take art seriously as presenting thinkable experience rather than distraction from thought eg. Plato or Hegel. there is good reflection on Cezanne, but I guess for me the most interesting is imagining and finding meaning in abstraction, and how such so-called subjective work is yet on the progressive continuum of modern art... and how art has worked from the caves of Lascaux to the visions of Picasso...

great essays… next:

[book:Merleau-Ponty: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers|14863377]

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