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Luck (book review) Nicholas Rescher

The Brilliant Randomness Of Everyday Life

160120: on reread this short short work inspires more thought on the role luck has played in my life. i have to recognize how much, good and bad. not complaining, not overstating, but also allowing how much has been outside my apparent control, which brings humility, sympathy, awareness of lives of others. i would perhaps like to believe there is/has been some causal relationship between idea, morality, values etc, and events, but such may be psychology of metaphysical engines for religious concepts... western or eastern... and i would rather be philosophical...

the most obvious random everyday event is the brain injury, the coma, the rehabilitations i undergo when i am almost twenty-six, and repercussions that follow for years (decades...). this is bad luck. nothing i ‘caused’. on the other, after forty-nine days of coma, i survive. well enough to read books and write somewhat. this is good luck. and then, i have always been fortunate in other aspects of my life, in my parents, my family, my social and economic situation, my freedom to write..

there are also random events somewhere between luck and act, the most obvious being my desire to write a certain way, my way, only my way. this may be bad luck, but we will only know, if ever, fifty years after... other bad luck, well did i really have to love those (2) women who are already set for arranged marriage, did one girlfriend die only years (decades..) after my mom would have had me marry her and is it good luck i did not (for the immediate grief i evaded...) did that a current girlfriend die and has that bad luck (very immediate grief) make it possible to have good luck in meeting the love of my life... well, she may not know, may not care, may not reciprocate, but my emotions will not change. and is this now good luck? luck is an ongoing question that we cannot live without...

.??? 2000s?: luck is something we all need more of- even (especially) if we are not sure of what it is: learn here...

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