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Lip Hook (book review) David Hine Mark Stafford (Artist)

271218: this. this is exactly what happens when style is substance in any art in any story in exactly the right medium. this is a new favoritegraphic. it’s a comic book dammit! someone says, but every medium of art can be the right medium. here line, images, composition, expressive portrayals, are all perfect for this pulp graphic of increasingly horrifying story. there is nothing clean here, nothing beautiful, nothing but everything has consistent ‘look’. and look at this work carefully or in glancing and you can feel the pages sweat, smell the fog, hear the chanting. twisted story, history and horror and return of the repressed. and that ineradicable power of sex which of course means power of women fighting corrupt patriarchy etc. story could only happen in timeless rural uk. think ‘wickerman’....

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