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Le dernier des Mohicans (book review) Cromwell

Catmalou (Contributor)

201115: i do not know if i should give this five, let alone favoritegraphic- i read this in french so cannot claim to get all of it- but this has great art, tells the story mostly through images, characterises times, war, violence etc. this is somewhat different artistic technique for me but works very well. aside from map inset of fort, rather than fine, detailed line rendering the illustrator has used i think exclusively oil, conte, white chalk, smeared or overlapped as needed, and fine white ink for writing (maybe digital). this blurs the background images, colours, shapes, movement giving vivid tension...

mostly remember the story from the mann film, which has seductive beauty that obscures the horrors of war. never finished the book, which i found boring. but this is exactly the right medium, with dark tones, themes, flowing through images, and motion blurred, highlights of white chalk and dark shadows. writing only on occasion important so separate from background. everyone has their reasons, from french and english to the various 'indian' tribes, and deception is expected because this is after all, war...

only towards the end is there so much writing i may have missed something, but generally one of the best graphics i have seen in art...

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