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Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts (book review)

(Key Concepts)

Steven Churchill (Editor),

Jack Reynolds (Editor)

070114: this is not the best place to start reading sartre, though if you have ever doubted the range of his thought, the coherence, the criticism, both his own and many others on his work, well after brief bio here is a listing of the topics: phenomenology and imagination, understanding of the self, contingency and ego, intentionality and nausea, novelist and playwright, psychoanalysis and existential psychoanalysis, nothingness and negation, the look, bad faith, authenticity, knowledge, fundamental project, alienation, politics and engaged intellectual, theory of groups, second or dialectical ethics, ethics of reciprocity, legacy...

if you are unable to find interest in any of these topics, if you want overarching single author, if you are not ready to read both great and less essays, if you do not have some basic sartre knowledge... you are not ready to read this book. an adventure, this book has various critical approaches and many applications of familiar sartrean terms. took a while to read, not easy though not much terminology. reading his legacy hopes, there is something touching about the modesty on how he would like to be remembered, something quaint, and in the 33 years since his passing, it is encouraging how he is still discussed, still argued, and who knows if anyone can ask for more...?

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