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India's Immortal Comic Books (book review) Karline McLain

Gods, Kings, and Other Heroes

020116: this is a fascinating overview of a sort of graphic i have never read- and more than just the works but also the industry, the religious, the philosophical, interpretations of those noted figures. there is history of how it developed, how it served as essential childhood texts, how it offered homogenized 'Indian' culture through form and limits of the medium, not neglecting how it was received by middle-class readers. it is now slightly historical but even so suggests the rise of Hindu fundamentalism, the anti-Muslim narratives, the Hindu narratives over everyone else. this is a new genre to explore. not that i am too familiar with epics of the west, nor have i read many superheroes, but it is always interesting to read of other traditions, other meanings, other uses, of popular art...

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