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Gilles Deleuze: Key Concepts (book review) Charles J. Stivale

(Key Concepts)

251114: i have read some books on deleuze, some by deleuze, some by deleuze and guattari- and thus the crowded many within the two. some works were then beyond me- and may remain so now. but all of them inspire a second look: so does this work. as a series of essays, some are very good, some are less. the simplest is to recount titles for the reader to directly read, not ignoring, only momentarily eliding, those topics not immediately useful:

part one, philosophies: 1) force, 2) expression, 3) difference, repetition, 4) desire. part two, encounters: 5) sense, series, 6) assemblage, 7) micro-politics, 8) becoming-woman, 9) the minor, 10) style, stutter, 11) logic of sensation, 12) cinema: movement-image-recognition-time. part three, folds: 13) from affection to soul, 14) folds and folding, 15) critical, clinical...

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