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Freedom from the Known (book review) J Krishnamurti

061018: engaging, concise, insightful, awareness. it is perhaps helpful to have carefully read, thought of, explored, many books or other sources of particularly ‘eastern’ ways of being. this includes, through history and thought, ways religious, philosophical, emotional. perhaps helpful but only in critical manner able for the reader to ‘bracket’ these ‘suppositions’ (phenomenological way) and go ‘beyond’ embedded human senses (bergson) that this or that ‘way’ is final word on how to be..

so, have some reading, that you the reader are aware of exactly how he incorporates, interprets, critiques, these ‘eastern’ ways. his key insight seems to be we individual humans must each become ‘aware’ not simply intellectually ‘know’, not emotionally, not philosophically, not religiously, but by enacting in living- that each of us alone has the possibility and responsibility of absolute freedom of all conditioning: from personal admiration, class, culture, education, expectation, family, genetics, history, ideals, ideology, images, knowledge, nationalism, politics, power, prejudice, racism, sexism, sorrow, and so on. and most importantly, the idea we can be ever free according to or reacting to another’s way of being, so krishnamurti is in fact thus ‘anti-guru’ who refuses to believe he or any other can necessarily ‘teach’ or ‘give’ this awareness...

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