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Four Illusions: Candrakirti's Advice for Travelers on the Bodhisattva Path (book review) Candrakīrti

if you like this review i now have website:

230913: this is commentary on commentary. on 'root wisdom of the middle way' by nagarjuna. there are two parts: 1) introduction 2) translations/interpretations of candrakirti on ayvedra. assertion of causality...

1) sets up the ways these four illusions are apparent as i. mortal bodies. ii the body in pain. iii danger of corporeal pleasure. iv king as egotism

2) i. reject illusion of permanence

ii. reject illusion of pleasure

iii. reject illusion of purity

iv. reject illusion of egotism...

as title says, this is 'advice' primarily directed to monks I guess. certainly the focus on apparent purity/beauty of young women versus reality of excrement, pus, saliva, fluids, pus etc of young women betrays hysterical fear of female body. which might be useful in dissuading, dampening, ardor of young monks...

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