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Egon Schiele: The Radical Nude (book review)

Barnaby Wright, Peter Vergo, Gemma Blackshaw

130319: not the best images but excellent 3 essays. rather than chronological, this catalog, essays, follow themes/ideas/reception of mostly his nude drawings. good arguments. recast the body in fine expressive line in modernism, after modelling of classicism. difference art and porn. enlightens me why i am attracted not merely to his skinny nude women in art but also in life: rather than voluptuous, sculptural, beauty, schiele finds that dionysian beauty of ugliness, of thin, gestured, bony bodies. and vibrant sexual postures, girls, women, self. to me this is philosophical beauty of nietzsche rather than of the body... and i love philosophy...


16 self-portrait drawing nude before mirror (1910)

9, 30 nude black-haired girl (1910)

21 female nude (1911)

23 seated nude self-portrait (1910)

24 standing nude in red jacket (1913)

26 standing man (1913)

27 self-portrait with splayed hand (1911)

29, 36 standing nude with stockings (1914)

37 nude girl with lowered head (1918)

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