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Daughters of Earth (book review) Justine Larbalestier (Editor) et al.

Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century

100817: an excellent critical/anthology work. several stories i have read before (and i awoke..., the evening..., rachel in love, heat death...) but here united with lit crit essays on each. some sense of history, context, society, of each era of work, some understanding of how each is 'feminist', some satire, some genre boundary disputes, some understanding of texts 'in conversation' with others. exactly how enlightened sff was then or is now in dispute. unfortunate lack of some big names (le guin... ) but this work assumes you are familiar with her work. interesting to imagine what passed as lit in say 1927 of first story or 1931 or... and often how different or similar is the sff in concerns and style... 'heat death...' remains one of my favourite short stories of any lineage...

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