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Buddhism in India (book review) Gail Omvedt (Contributor)

Challenging Brahmanism and Caste

280819: just had reminder from efriend Abhijit that buddhism is not itself always free of violence, fundamentalism, communalism, note the ongoing conflicts in myanmar and sri lanka...

280914: this is a fascinating sociology/history following the development of buddhism and hinduism, in india, from a quietly marxist perspective. the reader needs to have some knowledge of buddhist doctrines, but this is not theory, more an immediate, practical, grounded exploration of these modes of thought. there are some attempts revealed to explain the rise of caste, the rise of devotional faiths, the dimming of buddhism, the how, the why, the where. this is an interesting corrective to appreciating buddhism solely on a philosophical level, such as i do somewhat. there is some criticism, such as the conceptual dissonance between law of karma and no-self, some valourization, such as egalitarian sangha. well-written, timely, as witness the rise of fundamentalist interpretations of all religions and how buddhism is a useful refuge from which to combat this...

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