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Brazil's Modern Architecture (book review) Elisabetta Andreoli, Adrian Forty

200614: fascinating. beautiful. heartbreaking. sort of what the idea and contemporary actuality of Brazil means to me. chapter essay on São Paulo is clearest explanation of how this huge, disconnected, slightly horrific, maybe world-future, city came to be- and why this is not likely to change. and there is more to brazil than Brasilia, than modernism tropicale, than such a violently segregated economy and society...

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140718: this is read 3 times. this is the book that made his name. it has been translated but i do not know how: a lot of the pleasure is in the voice, the unique version of Nigerian english used, per

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if you like this review, i now have website: 220611: this is probably the most academically accurate of the translations I have read of this book, but still prefer commentary o


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