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Bonjour tristesse (book review) Françoise Sagan

110707: i read this as existential romance when i read it in translation [book:Bonjour Tristesse|828023], quick, charming, bittersweet, but it is now, reading it in french, that i am forced to think more on the final, irreversible, cruel denouement. perhaps it is also few decades passed, and so more sympathetic understanding of anne, less forgiving of cecile... but also, having read some more, other philosophy, i can see maybe it is more ‘fashionable’ and not actually deep explication of absolute freedom etc...

reading in french is an interesting try. as it has been years (decades...) since read, i did not remember direct, exact translation- but the trend, the themes, came back, and i think i hear cecile’s voice... i take much longer than reading english, i search, i go by context, i guess, i go back and revise, but this must be how i learned to read english as child, though of course much faster then, at least as tiring, at least as uncertain, this is what i want though...

why read french? well, after 4 600 something in english or translations, i want to see/hear/read if i can get something different from originals... i think this possible in french but not say japanese etc, as i then need to learn new alphabets or symbolic systems... this is hard enough...

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