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Bergson and Philosophy (book review) John Mullarkey

An Introduction

130412: great. only reason it is 4 is it refers to authors yet to read- levinas, deleuze- so it is my weakness, not text. unlike guerlac, this covers whole corpus of bergson, not that i have read all, so interests are spread out over several themes of philosophy.

bergson's use of very precise metaphors then blurred to capture various thoughts is enlightening. he does try but suggests the extensive difficulty in conceiving the movement of time, does insist on use of the term intuition that is neither vague, pre-conscious, naive, and contrasts openness of his systemless thought versus exclusionary metaphysics of realism or intellectualism. can see how inspiring bergson must have been for young merleau-ponty. focus on time, on experience, on the things themselves rather than predicated regions of ideas, on logic such as russell where entire range of experiential concepts eg math is located not beyond experience as kant, nor prejudiced logical categories as russell, shows how his thinking is not illogical hostage of imagination rather than thought.

inspiring to see even when confused he will continue to pursue his style of thought eg possible misunderstanding of special theory of relativity, general theory. admit this is most difficult part of book, and it is not like i understand enough to critique his critique. mullarkey also refers to others who promote process metaphysics, how this is description of bergsonism also, and again i feel undereducated. more titles to read. happy sigh...

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