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Basic Writings (book review) Jean-Paul Sartre,

Stephen Priest (Editor)

230613: i found this selection excellent, each commentary by priest very helpful. i have never studied sartre but this could be used in pedagogical way. i found this easy perhaps read this or that part before but understood some better, easy in having read so much sartre and phenomenologists...

not too critical, each intro does place sartre's thought. well organized, starting from his early thoughts but not entirely chronological, each section leads to and supports the next, even if sartre himself might not have drawn so visibly the connection: first 'in the world' a sort of mini bio. existentialism, phenomenology, imagination, emotion, being, nothingness, self, temporality, freedom, responsibility, bad faith, others, psychoanalysis, writing, work of art, politics...

covers all the many topics sartre took up for his analysis, perhaps nothing i had not previously read, metaphors familiar, little stories, quotes, all in context. all seems consistent to me, even when trying to reconcile determinism of man in marx with absolute freedom of man in existentialism, priest introduces sartre's attempts- but i do not know if sartre manages this...

you can probably read this after some survey intro like cox's guide for the perplexed, not too heavy in jargon, not too convoluted logic requiring neologisms etc. but this is possibly good to get a taste of sartre and decide to accept or reject adventure of reading his works...

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