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Among Others (book review) Jo Walton

201108 later addition: i should add my feelings about the book, not just the time. for it is beautifully written as diary, mundane reality infused with moments of magic, and refers to many works/authors i read at same time, so accessible, fun, memorable. portrait of tragic, difficult life exactly what you need fantasy/magic to escape from...

first review: this is about the age i first read a lot of sff, and it is wonderful to see the character deeply embedded in the sense of wonder/fantasy of that lit, and how that led me to literary explorations of all sorts. have read and continue to read a lot of sff, not as singular focus as protagonist, but it is fun to hear her judge various familiar works- yes to tolkien, no to donaldson-and makes me wonder what else i was doing rather than just reading (art, sports, writing) and captures that age of fifteen very well...

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