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Acts of Infidelity (book review) Lena Andersson,

(Ester Nilsson #2)

Saskia Vogel(Translator)

280419: impressive interior monologue of mistress in an affair of several years, with usual/unusual married man. she is mature, fiercely intelligent, perceptive of others in signs, in words, in gestures or urges unfinished. except for herself. this is how she becomes mistress, how she forgives, how she forgets, how with extensive intellectual awareness, with no apparent sense of her absurdity, she concocts many elaborate explanations for his behavior and her behavior, all based on an original error, her willful misunderstanding, her belief that this man loves her and that she loves him...

i have never married but i doubt that sanction of god i do not follow, would affect how i might once or however often, behave as badly/selfishly (somehow stepping out when living together does not count to me... ) or applying intellect to lie, ceaselessly, to everyone, to oneself, basically: to live a lie. bad for everyone. which is of course moral philosophies’ condemnations of falseness. yes good books allow the reader to see the word somehow different... to be another, and against some gr reviews i must admit sympathy for this story of two humans caught in undertow of impossible conflict of love and lust... and this is no popular romantic fantasy...

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