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A Gradual Awakening (book review) Stephen Levine

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230103: excellent, easy to read, expansive text. this possibly where to start buddhism. this explains many ideas woven together in philosophical arguments and psychological practices, without many specialised terms and logic. this is more written to be read than studied. this does not mean it is simplified but condensed. if you want other introductory texts, try [book:What the Buddha Taught|390562] and [book:What the Buddha Thought|6980500]...

this book clarifies awareness, power of wisdom, the wanting mind, uncovering mind, meditation one-guided meditation on mindfulness, self image and imagined self, judging mind, sense of unworthiness, self accepting mindfulness, hindrances, giving, watching from the heart, a gradual awakening, snaring enlightenment, mindstuff, meditation two- guided meditation on loving-kindness, loving-kindness, letting go of hell, pleasure/pain and happiness, karma, sense of the absurd, meditation three- guided meditation on energy in the body, opening the body, daily practice, the flower, meditation four- guided meditation on dying, death of the body, death of the self, spirit in the world, practice at work, the circle...

the writing is fluid and ideas presented well. perhaps because I have read so much buddhism.etc, I find this insightful, friendly, and in describing pleasure/pain and happiness/suffering is particularly enlightening. the 'guided meditations' are the only reason this is less than five...

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