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A Girl Is a Body of Water (book review) Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi

210606: this is family epic set through modern history of uganda, seen from feminist point of view. that is, confronting patriarchal power structures, examining those aspects of life that tend to absorb women more than men, eg. family, love, romance, dysfunction, betrayal. starting in the 1980s, returning to the 1930s, then to 1980s again, readers are privileged to see ironies, truths, played out to surprising ends...

there is mythic interpretation of exactly how the errors of patriarchal power came to be, and the essential idea that land can be divided, therefore is for men, but water is indivisible, therefore for women, is animating contention for the title. our protagonist as a little girl has the ability to 'fly', and learns of the 'original state' of women, their freedom, only to see how society is dedicated to ending it. it is perhaps too long but that is the only fault...

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